Greensboro Library Art Exhibition Review

I met David Rogers, a local news reporter for the Hardwick Gazette, back in February when my large solo exhibition at Sterling College on Craftsbury Common opened. He was kind enough to write a very positive review of my latest painting exhibition and I thought my blog readers might like to read what he wrote about this show.

My paintings still hang at the Greensboro Library, and they may be up for several more months. Greensboro is a pretty quiet place during the winter months!

A Review of an Exhibition of Watercolor Paintings by Elise Andréa at the Greensboro Free Library in Greensboro, Vermont from September, 2011.

“Elise Andréa is having a show of her remarkable watercolor paintings at the Greensboro Free Library through, works in various sizes of scenes both in Vermont and New Zealand, plus a number of still life subjects.  Continue reading