Hurry Up, Ladies!

Hurry Up, Ladies!

This work depicts a Huntaway dog barking to move ewes and their lambs through a gate. It was a half-sheet “masterpiece” I painted in NZ, and it sold immediately at the opening reception of the Pukekohe annual art show. I priced the work before even starting it because I’d learned about the show deadline very late…and felt that selling it was a large sacrifice, even though it did help finance my final six months in the country. The people attending the show voted it second favorite and I saw that they stood around marvelling at the amount of detail. New Zealanders know sheep and I am grateful they appreciated the huge effort I had made to finish this piece in time for the show! One farmer told me, “you see, the dog is busy with those sheep over there (on the left), but see that lamb? He’s about to break away!”


4 thoughts on “Hurry Up, Ladies!

  1. Dear Elise,
    Your paintings are beautiful. I love your attention to detail. And I especially love your paintings of animals – the sheep in particular. You are truly an awesome artist!

    • Thank you, Carol! Thanks so much for coming to my reception last night, too! I enjoyed meeting your husband and wish I’d had more time to talk with each of you. Perhaps in the future =)

  2. Hi Elise,
    I am wondering if you have any prints of the Hurry Up Ladies painting? If so, how much are you selling them for? It is a fantastic painting.
    Kindest Regards,

    • Thank you for your kind comment, Emma! I’m glad you like this one, it’s very special to me, too. I do have a high-pixel photograph from which my printer could work, yes. I will email you directly.

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